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James Diamantopoulos

James works with Children, Adolescents and Adults and is available for consultations  Thursday & Fridays


James is a clinical psychology registrar, who completed his Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2016.

James demonstrates a warm and engaging therapeutic approach, which places a great emphasis on the quality of the therapeutic relationship. He aims to provide his clients with a unique space where a person may develop a sense of meaning regarding the difficulties they experience within their lives.

James places an importance on determining and elaborating upon factors from one’s past and present that may pose a significant contribution to one’s psychological suffering. Initially these factors (which may be familial, societal, and in nature) are typically unknown or unconscious to the person. Often these factors become apparent through speaking and reflecting with another person about one’s problems and one’s history. Through identifying and speaking about these unconscious factors at length, one can develop a greater sense of control over one’s life and self, allowing one to feel less encumbered by their psychological pain.

James has trained in a variety of evidence-based modalities, but primarily employs a psychodynamic/psychoanalytic approach. He has worked with people across the lifespan, who have presented with numerous forms of suffering, such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicidal ideation, eating disorder, personality disorder, psychosis, and addiction.